Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Architectural Details: Below Ground Floor Window & Basement

Over the last century, many windows were bricked in, and others boarded up after the 2008 Tornado.  Here is a view of one of the original windows for a below ground floor, on the west side of the building.

Here is a collection of the basement floor in the Mill.  Mr. Lauer has tunneled out much of the basement, creating a new floor that can be utilized for a cellar bar and more.
View of the modernized electrical and heating room in the basement.

View of the modernized electrical and heating room.

View of the basement floor.

Underground view of new beams implementing after the 2008 Tornado.

Example of the use of stacked plank system of construction underneath the Mill.

Underground pillars, as well as modern system implemented to assist steadying the foundation.

Underground pillars and foundation of the Mill.

Detail of original brick and stone work underground at the Mill

View of the alley corridor for moving and processing grain into flour.

Original light fixture in one of the large alleys for moving grain.

One of the original grain corridors from the earliest era of the building.  Grain would pass through these pipes.

The basement contains areas ideal for a basement brewery / bar that will be utilized in the redevelopment of the Mill as a community entertainment complex.

Beams and posts as part of the buildings sturdy foundation.

An example of the many textures of the building and underground.

Another view of a pulley wheel used to deliver grain, via pipes, originally with an intricate system of underground railroad cars.

View of steel beams and stone used throughout the basement.  Post storm renovation has utilized many steel beams to shore up the building's foundation.

Original copper piping used in the Mill.

Another view of a group of the pulley wheels used in the flour mill. Wonderful elements to be reincorporated into the updated and renovated Mill as decorative items.

View of basement, original pulley wheels stacked to the left, showing the dug out area by Ron Lauer of the main room in the basement.  Facing east, to the right is the new electrical room, completely renovated that runs modern, state of the art electrical wiring throughout  building.

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