Sunday, January 26, 2014

Holtkamp Planning Selected for Windsor Mill Feasibility Study

Holtkamp Planning, located in Austin Texas, has been selected to head the feasibility study, the first phase of a city-wide initiative, with the cooperation of Ron Lauer, the Downtown Development Authority, and other city planners, for the preservation and redevelopment of the Windsor Mill as a vital entertainment and retail complex for downtown.  Holtkamp has a abundant portfolio of success stories. Here is Holtkamp's introduction to the project:

The City of Windsor has a truly unique landmark to further its vision for downtown in the historic Windsor Mill. The property represents both a significant parcel of underutilized space and a significant opportunity to further the future of downtown Windsor. If developed thoughtfully, the mill will be a capstone project to current downtown revitalization efforts. We are proud to submit this proposal to create a destination that will celebrate the unique heritage of Windsor while enhancing the economic vitality and quality of life for current and future residents.
Our Approach
We take a collaborative approach to our planning that respects the site, its place in the larger context of the city, the property owner, the neighbors, and the community as a whole. High priority is placed on highest and best use both economically and from a design standpoint. Successful redevelopment will ensure economic vitality for the community overall giving residents ownership of the process. We will work closely with all parties to develop a plan that is economically viable and enhances the sense of community.
Subsequently, our team will have two primary goals: to respect the inherent character of the property, and to respect the community and its values. Specifically, our goal for the Mill will be to focus on its historic significance both from an architectural standpoint and as a regional and civic landmark. Our intention would be to strengthen and amplify the unique architectural features of the building and it’s specific location as a gateway and center for Windsor’s current revitalization efforts.
Respect for a building’s history goes beyond simply a strict adherence to the guidelines for redevelopment of the National Historic Preservation Act; to us, it means embracing the historic character of the structure and creating a vision that will both celebrate and re-animate. The Mill is an iconic building that represents the history of Windsor. Its architecture and building materials showcase the transition to the more durable, lasting architecture of steel and brick. Few buildings of this type were built in Colorado, and fewer remain. We intend to honor the spirit of those who built the Mill through a plan that highlights the character and integrity of the structure and the history it represents for Windsor.
Likewise, the location of the building provides an opportunity to reconnect several sections of downtown Windsor that currently have no center. Our intention would be to study the potential for use of this building as an anchor for future densification and connection with the downtown core in an effort to recreate the sense of place now lacking. 

High level study of the building and its place in both the minds of the community as well as its place in the landscape is paramount to success. As such, we begin every project with fresh perspective, focusing on the unique aspects of the building and community to ensure the solution reflects citizen-driven value and priority.

Holtkamp's portfolio includes these properties:

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