Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Historic View from the Windsor Mill, Colorado

Photograph of Windsor Grade School, ca. 1940, prior to the 1970 Town Hall redevelopment.

2014 view of Town Hall, formerly Park School, as seen from the top of Windsor Mill.

2014 view of downtown Windsor, after revitalization.

Windsor Lake, as seen from the north side of Windsor Mill.
1903 street view of Main Street, Windsor, Colorado
Windsor in the early 1900's was a developing community anchored by the sugar beet industry and the Windsor Flour Mill.  The rapid development and growth created the need for schools, stores, and roads.
The downtown  in the early 1900's was booming, and telegraph poles and recently created brick structures were divided by plank sidewalks and an unpaved Main Street.

Behind the Mill was the newly built High School; but, by 1918, the population explosion in Windsor created the need for a new school. Converted the a grammar school, the Park School, at 3rd and Walnut, remained until the glorious stone building with archway doors was repurposed as the Town Hall.

Today, the revitalized downtown and the 3 story Town Hall (plus windowed basement) are both within a stones throw from The Windsor Mill, and the view from the top of the Mill showcases both, as well as the best view of Windsor Lake on the north side.

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