Monday, January 20, 2014

Welcome to The Windsor Colorado Mill Blog!

The Windsor Mill in Colorado, officially the Windsor Milling and Elevator Company, was completed in 1899.  The flour mill was the integral part of the community, employing many of the towns citizens. Its unique construction style of stacked plank construction encased in clay brick is just one of the important historic elements of the building.  The structure was originally 4 stories, and incorporated long alleyways for funneling flour and grain throughout the building.  It also contained tracks for train carts that moved grain throughout the building as well.

Over the years, changes were made to the building, such as bricking in windows and doorways, and most changes occurred during the first half of the twentieth century. Soon after the turn of the mid-century, the building was converted as a feed mill, including the addition of a large silo at the rear of the building.

In the late 20th century, after setting empty for awhile, Ron Lauer purchased the building.  Ron had long been fascinated with the building, and the when opportunity arose to purchase and restore the building, he could not resist.  He saw the building as one of the most important in the development of the community, and how the building could eventually improve the area and renovation of the Windsor downtown.

Then disaster struck in May of 2008.  An F4 tornado devastated the town, and took down 3 floors of the Mill.  Ron has invested over a million dollars since 1997, including much of it for its post-tornado restoration.  He has shored up the foundation, and most importantly, been saving and preserving important elements of the building for re-use and decorative display within the building.

This new site has been created to document that work, as well as examining the important historical importance and elements of the building, and to discuss future plans that will assist revitalize the Main Street area across from Windsor Lake in the downtown area.

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