Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Windsor Mill Collaborative and Ron Lauer Committee Meeting

Today, the Windsor Mill Collaborative is interviewing two potential groups for a feasibility study regarding the Mill.  With the intent of transparency, the following statement and document was delivered to the group from the owner of the Mill, Ron Lauer.

I want to thank the committee and all involved for the invitation to this meeting. With all sincerity, please understand my initial concern and surprise that so much effort, time, expense and work have been spent on behalf of my property. However, I am encouraged that there are so many of us on the same page. The value - historically and economically - to Windsor, regarding the Windsor Milling and Elevator Company building, is exceptional! I purchased the building in 1997 with this belief. I look forward to working with our community and any new partners to accomplish the preservation, conservation, and redevelopment of The Windsor Mill. My intention has always been to save this amazing landmark for our community, and for it to function as an economical and historical touchstone and centerpiece. I want to formally state my intention for cooperation, and to enter these discussions with the greatest hope and open mind. As stated before, we all have the same goals; of course, as the project proposal and extensive review by the Windsor Mill Collaborative has only recently been brought to my attention, I have a few questions recommended for response.

How does the committee and the architectural or consultant teams envision a partnership with the owner (Ron Lauer) in the future restoration and redevelopment of the Mill?

Is this a partnership with the City of Windsor or the Windsor Mill Collaborative, or the DDA?

At what time would each party and their respective attorneys begin the process of establishing the terms of our partnership?

What limitations or restrictions to owner (Ron Lauer) might be requested from the creation of a legal partnership?

Additionally, since I have been planning and implementing strategies for opening a brewery, restaurant, and other ventures at The Mill, if plans according to The Windsor Mill Collaborative are to proceed, what is the acceptable time frame for Ron Lauer and the Windsor Mill trust to halt current planning to afford the Windsor Mill Collaborative ample time for their plan to come to fruition and/or dissolve any intentions for proceeding with their plans?

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