Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mountain and Lake Views from Windsor Mill

Take a moment to imagine The Windsor Mill, once renovated.  It is a beautiful spring evening, and you and your family want to enjoy rooftop dining with spectacular views at sunset.  As the sun slowly drops behind the mountains, the sky turns brilliant colors of pink, orange, and deep blue.  As you look north, the Windsor Lake is reflecting the same colors.  This is the dream of Ron Lauer and several developers as the earliest stages of renovating The Mill into the greatest entertainment and dining experience in Windsor get underway.  Hopefully, in a couple of years, this will be a reality!

The third and fourth floors of the Windsor Mill overlook spectacular views of the mountains. Ron Lauer, pictured, points out that the views offer the most awe-inspiring sunsets too. The plan is to restore the top two floors, perhaps for rooftop dining with a view and party rental space for the town of Windsor.

Another spectacular view from the third floor, facing north west, on Main Street. The old train depot is visible, as is Windsor Lake and the mountains! The Mill, once restored, will be the highest landmark in Windsor, and the only facility that overlook downtown Windsor, the mountains, and overlook the lake.


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